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Hey, How's it going? Let's go for a drive.

ItsJonathanMiller here;

I have been in the aftermarket and automotive parts and service industry for about 15 years.  Having owned my own performance parts and service business for a decade.

My love for cars, racing, and technology hasn't changed and I've decided to share my love with you guys. 

My focus is on you (my community of car lovers).  I want to bring you the best quality videos.

I'm located in the Philadelphia suburbs.

If you have an interesting car, project, or event, shoot me an email and let's make a youtube video.  

Creating this content is my full time job and requires a lot of time and resources. I can't do it without all of you.  You're my community. 


Feel free to check out my Patreon link on the top right of this website to learn more about supporting this website and YouTube Channel.

Thanks for the love,




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