First Snow Winter 2017-YouTube

I just uploaded the newest YouTube video, entitled "First Snow Winter 2017".

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We had the first snow of the season on Saturday December 9, 2017 in the Philadelphia suburbs. In my area we had close to 6 inches. Luckily the snow was pretty fluffy and light and the next day it was sunny and a lot of it melted, so the roads were very passable.

In this video you get to watch me brush the snow off of my VW GTI and talk a little bit about why it's important to do that. If you leave snow/ice on your car and drive, it can become a very dangerous projectile that can hit somebody else.

I then take a drive to play tennis with my friend. I got a good hours worth of exercise in, which is always good and then got to go hang with my puppy Milo for the afternoon.

Driving home in the snow and on the snow covered roads wasn't too bad. As long as you drive slow, brake slow/gentle and early you'll be fine (for the most part). My car is front wheel drive so it has the weight of the engine over the driving wheels, which should help in the snow. I'm also running all season tires to help out as well.

I finally wrap up the video talking about what you should keep in your car during the winter, in case of an incident.

Here's a quick list of what I'd recommend

-snow brush/ice scrapper

-jumper cables

-change of warm clothes and a blanket

-bottle of water

-tire pressure gauge and air pump

-basic tools (screw driver etc)

-flare or flashing light

-small shovel

-hat and gloves

-external cell phone charger

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