New Audi RS3 Delivery and Special Letter from the owner

I wanted to share a really nice email I received from a youtube/instagram subscriber…

This gentleman has been waiting for his new Audi RS3 to arrive and has told me that he really loves my youtube videos.

What’s even more interesting is that he lives in Montana, so there aren’t many cars like his out there.

Thanks Jim so much, it’s really humbling to have such great support out there.

This is an excerpt of the email that was sent, April 15, 2018…

Hi Jonathan,

As my Instagram is not really a car blog, I’ll send some pics this way to you. I really have enjoyed your YouTube videos!

I took delivery this past Monday on the car and have started the break-in with just over 500 miles in 7 days. Another guy ordered this car last May and it came into the Port of Houston in mid-December, 2017. At that time, a “Port Hold” went into effect at various U. S. Ports on some Audi’s: RS3’s TTRS’s and R8’s were held up from being released to the dealerships for reasons still unknown (was some kind of a software update). The guy cancelled his order in Dec and I took over the order later that month. He spec’d it virtually how I would have down to the color, so no compromise and I’m darn lucky as my “wait time wound up being just over 3 months. What a car! (as you know). This was the first (and still is) the only RS3 in the whole state of Montana. Understated as it is, it has gotten some looks (must be that awesome exhaust note from that great engine).

There is only one Audi dealership in all of Montana and it is about (retracted) from my house. There is no Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Volvo in town, so this is it for the premium brands. No problem, as I’ve always liked Audi’s and we need the “Quattro,” given our weather! By the way, we have the perfect roads out here and virtually, no one is on them. It is a “Driver’s Paradise!” I bet you would love it!

Keep “Rockin’ It!”

All Best,


(Your “Montana Connection”) 👌

#audi #rs3

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