YouTube Upload/Gallery-Fabspeed Exhaust Open House

Fabspeed Exhaust ( Open House. October 20, 2018.

Thanks to Fabspeed for their hospitality.

It’s a cool and damp autumn day in the Philadelphia suburbs. I strap in, shift into first, and head on my way. I’m not sure what surprises the day will bring. My destination is Fabspeed, exotic car exhaust manufacturer, and their fall open house.

I plan on arriving early, as to not miss any of the action. Wow, I say to myself, as I look at their facility. I walk through the front doors and I’m greeted by a bright red 911 slantnose. How often do you ever see one of these? Their showroom is full of exhaust systems, wheels, decorative art, and show cars.

As I walk through the garage door into the manufacturing and install area, I’m overwhelmed by what I see. Motors on stands with Fabspeed exhaust systems, unreal supercars on the lifts having systems fitted, a state of the art manufacturing facility, and an orange McLaren strapped onto a dynamometer.

I’m a bit of a tech and engineering nerd on top of being an absolute car nut, so I’m loving checking out behind the scenes. I spot multiple CNC milling machines, CNC pipe benders, a 3D printer, and a Flow Water Jet. I’ve only seen some of these machines in tv shows I watch, but to see them in person is just unreal. These guys can pretty much produce anything they want.

As I pass the orange McLaren and walk out the back doors to their huge parking lot I’m greeted by almost every make and model of supercar and sports car out there. If I wanted to check out a new Porsche GT3, well I have my pick. I walk past a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche to name a few.

The weather turned out great for the car meet so there were a lot of nice cars that showed up. I even got to see a few cars that I’ve only ever seen online or in car magazines. A lot of the cars had Fabspeed products on them such as exhaust systems and intakes. That was really great to see and hear, especially if you are in the market for their systems for your car.

You have to understand something about a real car guy. They don’t just buy something to show off to others, they really love the history and the technology that goes behind these brands. These guys are just great to talk to, willing to show you around their car, even sit in it if you ask nicely.

I look at my watch, 11:30am, it’s that time. Everybody gathers together and walks inside and stands around the Dyno machine. If you don’t know what a dyno machine is, I’ll tell you. It’s a machine where you strap a car down onto it to measure its power. In this case, there are a set of rolling wheels, one for the front wheels and one for the rear. It’s basically a rolling road which measures how much power the car is actually putting through the tires. It’s a great tool to measure how much performance gain a car gets when different types of parts are installed, such as an exhaust.

Be warned, it’s going to get loud. If you have a set of ear plugs, put them in now. Not only does the car make a noise, it’s driving over 100mph, but the dyno makes a noise as well. It’s actually quite exhilarating watching a car drive so fast, yet not go anywhere. If you haven’t had a chance to see this, you have to check it out.

The event held by Fabspeed was really fun. There were amazing cars, really nice people, and good weather. The facility is clean and the staff were very helpful and informative. I found it really interesting to see behind the scenes of what it takes to put together one of their systems. It takes a lot of testing, engineering, and manufacturing to build one of their systems. I’m definitely keeping an eye out on what they have coming out next.


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