Become itsjonathanmiller's Ambassador

Do you like the content I'm putting out there? Do you like cars?

Are you friendly, sociable, and polite?

Want to feel part of a bigger community?

If you answered yes to these questions, I have an answer for you.

I will send you a stack of business cards and ask you to help our community grow.

I'm asking you to hand them out at car meets/shows, put them on nice cars you see parked, and just talk to car people about our community and ask if they're interested in supporting itsjonathanmiller.

All I need is your full name and address and I will send over some business cards for you to start handing out.

The first 100 ambassadors will receive free itsjonathanmiller decals to put on their car, computer, etc.

Thanks so much for the support and let's grow our community together, because without you there is no community

Send your requests to

Your friend

-Jonathan Miller

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