Graham Rahal's Purple Ford GT and 3 Carrera GT's. Plus world EXCLUSIVE

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Let’s Go For A Drive Episode 05. Graham Rahal

In this episode I talk to Indy Car Driver Graham Rahal. We talk about the 2020 Indy Car season, iRacing, Graham Rahal Performance, sports cars, and charities close to his heart. You can find notes and timing below to jump to each segment. You’ll also find Graham’s social media accounts and his charity Links below

Notes and Timing Below

Introduction 0:00

Subscribe/iTunes 0:12

Welcome Graham Rahal 0:36

How are you keeping busy during while you’re staying at home, like most of the country. 0:52

what are stats of the hopefully to be 2020 spec indycar? 2:34

How is the visibility with the new windshield? 5:00

What do you prefer and why? Oval or street course? 6:20

How is the iracing? 8:09

Turns For Troops 9:18

On street..3 or 2 pedals? (manual or paddle) 10:03

Purple Ford GT 10:51

Porsche viper green 918 weissach 11:23

World Exclusive Ford GT spec 12:15

AMG GTR Pro 13:42

Mini 15:22

Fav street car you’ve owned that you regret selling? Porsche Carrera GT 16:32

Mercedes SLS Black Series 18:33

Carrera GT exhaust and handling setup 18:46

Any street car come anywhere close to indy car? 21:02

graham rahal performance. (nsx exhaust) 22:18

bobby rahal automotive group. How is this pandemic affected car sales and service right now? 25:50

Charities 27:26

Thank you Graham 30:12

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