Let's Go For A Drive.Podcast Episode .04. PPF 101 with Modern Elix

Let's Go For A Drive.Podcast Episode .04. PPF 101 with Modern Elix.

In this episode I talk to the owner’s of Modern Elix Paint Protection (PPF) Specialists. Located in West Chester, Pa.

Please help support this small business. If you’re interested in having PPF installed on your car or other paint correction services, please reach out to Modern Elix at the contact information below.



706 Old Westtown Rd, Suite B, West Chester, Pa 19382 610.506.8124

Many thanks for the continued support

Notes and Timing Below:

Introduction/Subscribe/iTunes 0:00

Introduction to Modern Elix 0:36

What is PPF (paint protection film)? 2:15

Why would I want it on my car? 3:23

What types of vehicles can have PPF installed on them? Just sports cars? How about suv’s, trucks? 4:33

What are the properties of PPF? (self healing, scratch/chip resistant etc) 5:21

What brand of PPF do you use and why (XPEL ultimate plus)? 6:01

What if my car has a factory Matte/stain finish? Won’t a clear film eliminate that look (XPEL Stealth)? 7:15

What’s the most popular area of a car to have it applied? What would you suggest? 7:50

Patreon (https://www.patreon.com/itsjonathanmiller) 9:06

a quick fun question..for a street car-3 pedals or 2? 9:46

Can it only be installed on new cars, new paint only? Can you PPF an old car if the paint isn’t perfect or if it already has some chips? 10:25

Why is it so expensive? 12:03

How long does the PPF last once installed? 13:20

Can you wax over PPF? Ceramic coat? Polish? buff? Vinyl stickers? 14:31

Any negatives to installing PPF on my car? 15:48

What are some of the coolest cars you have PPF’d? 16:36 Are there patterns for each panel on each car? 17:28

What shapes or area on a car are the most difficult to install? Any particular car or panel on a car that has been most challenging? 19:16

What is your dream car to PPF? 21:05

What are the tools of a PPF installer and which one is most important? 22:02

What is the difficulty level for installation if anybody out there is looking to get into it? What kind of training is available? 23:22

Corona Virus Precautions? 24:16

How to find Modern Elix 25:00

Ending/subscribe 25:21

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